The sound of the Sun


Merkaba Album Release

merkaba logo by Austin Lunn

Merkaba is happy to announce

the 12" vinyl release of "Bones of the Sacred Forest" 

by our dear friends at Pagan Flames.

album cover by Pagan Flames

and since they've not yet been published or released, here are the lyrics to the album:

words and verses of Bones of the Sacred Forest by Merkaba

It was three Everests tall and it crumbled into the valley below.
The faultline, it cracketh open.
Tonight, the sun will set forever.

Eyes Lose Focus
Eyes lose focus I can feel you drifting away, I know.
Its hard to hold on, suffocated by sickness and decay,
but old water runs home and passing time reminds me,
bodies disintegrate and buildings crumble,
the earth turns, the mind will endure.
Embrace the cosmic ohm.

Continuum pt. I

We Seem to Pass Like Ships in the Night
We seem to pass like ships in the night,
sailing through a darkness in a sphere of silence
we finally meet the light
Once a lone drifter we now coexist like moon and tide,
we lock hands reassuring everything is alright.
May the wind carry us toward the sky

Continuum pt. II
Crawling out of womb. Molecules dissolve.
Time and space evaporate.
The eye of the void consumes me.

Glacial Fire
Flame, spirit, burning decay. 
The flame, the healing crystal is buried in ice, holy fire. 
Arise through the flames of glacial fire.
Walk across fields of ice in frozen wonder.
Thoughts, they dissolve when thinking of what could become,
if we turn our eyes against our mother now.  
Against the healing power of the sacred crystal.


Waves of Drone

from out of the past, into the present.

Ambient meditative-drone full-length 'Meditations on Collapse' by Voidspeak has now been made available for for everyone to listen and download here

Recorded in Autumn 2011, 'Meditations' was originally released in a limited edition of 16 hand-printed copies. Many thanks to those who have supported this album's digital emergence!