physical presence or ideal form?
manifestation, perfect becomes flawed- inevitable, horrible, beautiful
      is there hope?
ancestors frown upon our mantle of destiny,
yet not all is absolute
Believers, ye who still see light!
shine unto this dark world


drones upon drones

Awash in waves of vibration! buffeted on all sides by the storm,
an unexpected center of tranquility, ever present, ever elusive

premonitions of limits to come: a concentric offering of greater magnitude
stay tuned to your tuning


Mother Forest

To stand in the forest
twilight mist bear you up
light as a mote
to rest in the branches
sway in the song of the trees
growing, deep bedrock roots
living sacred earth



one point of existence, one microsecond of time, encompasses all of reality.
culmination of trans-sentient extrasensory epiphany on the verge of an abyss.
speak unto the void, and the void speaketh also unto you.